Who is WeHostDnn?

WeHostDnn is a brand of DnnConsulting

DnnConsulting and Geoff Barlow has been involved with the use and development of the Dnn cms Platform for over 9 years. Our experience speaks for itself. We have a sister company that has built over 450 Dnn websites from scratch ( site design, logos, skins, training and hosting), many of the clients have become successful in the business field.

As a result of this Geoff Barlow / DnnConsulting has earned the Dnn MVP award for 2 years running, 2014,2015 and 2016! Click here for a complete list of Dnn MVP's.

We know what we are doing when it comes to the Dnn cms Platform!

Geoff Barlow Dnn MVP 2014-2015Geoff Barlow Dnn MVP Dnn MVP logo

Involvement with the Dnn Platform & community

Geoff Barlow/DnnConsulting has been actively involved with the use of as well as contributing to the Dnn community for many years. You may have seen us answering questions in the Dnn Community Forums and the Dnn Community Exchange as well as blogs that we have posted.

DnnConsulting is also active with Dnn professionals in Europe via Dnn-Connect which we are a member of and help with the largest downloaded Dnn module NBStore.

Dnn Community network

Over the years we have built up a large network of professional Dnn users and have contact around the globe. If we don’t know an answer to a question we know someone who does so as a client of DnnConsulting you’ll always get the right answer and advice!

Contributions to the Dnn Community

We like to give back to the community, this is why we have released some of our modules on the Dnn Forge as open source (to use for free including source). Modules that we have contributed to the community include:


  • DnnC BootStrapHelpers module
  • DnnC YouTube Video Library
  • DnnC Picasa Image Gallery
  • DnnC DnnFoundation Theme/skin
  • DnnC CookieConsent
  • DnnC Accordion Category Menu for NBStore
  • DnnC Simple Page SEO
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